A Step-By-Step Guide about How to Set Up an Effective Facebook Ad


“How to set up an effective Facebook Ad for affiliate marketing”? Before getting an answer to this question, you must have a good understanding of why Facebook for affiliate marketing. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms where millions of people from different parts of the world connect for communication. As the flow of information on Facebook has a huge marketing potential, using this platform as an affiliate marketer will be proven beneficial for you in numerous ways. But, earning money as an affiliate through Facebook is not as simple as it seems. You need to create an effective Facebook ad in order to grab maximum attention and let your marketing efforts worthy.

Has no idea how to set up an effective Facebook Ad? Continue reading this blog to have a look at a step-by-step guide for creating an effective Facebook ad.

  • Build Up Social Presence with a Facebook Page

The very first thing which you need to do for earning money through Facebook is to create your own Facebook page. When having your own page, it becomes easier for you to build your own fan base and reach more and more potential customers. Creating a Facebook page for affiliate marketing is quite simple. Just login to Facebook and click on the upper right corner to try to locate the “create page” option. Now click on that option to create a page of your choice in an easy and quick manner.

  • Look at Audience Insight for Targeted Data

Another thing which you need to do is to use audience insight to find new potential customers for targeting based on characteristics and interests of the existing fan page. Based on the information offered by Facebook, you can easily create a meaningful and effective ad for making money through affiliate marketing.

  • Align Your Ad With the Campaign Landing Page

One of the major mistakes that many novice affiliates usually do is not aligning affiliate ad to the targeted landing page. Keep in mind that audiences want to look exactly what is promised in the ad. If not selected properly, it may not only affect your credibility but also result in higher bounce rate of the website. As alignment of ad and landing page helps in boosting conversion, you need to make sure that your ad is redirected to the right landing page to drive conversion.

  • Use Your Affiliate Link Smartly in Ad Copy to Drive Traffic & Sales

Affiliate links are usually large in size. If you use that long link in your Ad copy it will not only destroy the look of your ad but it may also possible that very few people click on that link. Instead of using it directly, you can make modifications such as you can shorten the URL to win the trust of the users and convince them to take the desired action.

These are a few tricks and tweaks that will help you in setting up an effective Facebook ad for making money through affiliate marketing. But, before setting up a Facebook ad, you need to find the best products for promotion. Approaching a reliable and renowned affiliate network is the best options to find products of a renowned brand for affiliate marketing. If you are looking for one of the best platforms for finding merchants for affiliate marketing, you should give your search a halt @ www.adcheetah.com

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