how to it work

How It works!

Zero-Risk & High-Reward Environment For Merchants and Affiliates That

You Cannot Let Go Of!

For Affiliates:

Redirect visitors from your social networking sites to seller’s website through advertisements. You will earn money for each link you have shared* and whenever visitor buys with your shared link, you’ll be getting good commission too.

For Business:

Simply post your advertisement and allow affiliates to advertise your business for fetching sales at your website. This kind of affiliate marketing lets you to advertise your products and services via affiliates’ social sharing in return for commission payments selected by you.


At Adcheetah, we offer promotional services that are suitable for small to corporate business. Through the help of our affiliates, we can effectively divert instant traffic of potential buyers to merchants seeking for promotions and marketing at budgeted pricing.


    Promote Your Business Online

    Connect with customers and drive more sales with the prime and most reliable advertising network.


    Monetize From Your Social Networks

    Earn income from your social networks by partnering with the most recognized brands of the market.


    provide your clients

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Why choose us?

Over the years, Adcheetah has provided numerous customers to businesses through the awesome power of our digital marketing program. We enable businesses to CREATE, PUBLISH AND MARKET their products for boosting their sales whilst promoting their products online.

  • Performance Marketing

    Discover customers. Discover sales

    Enable our huge affiliate base to sponsor your products over their social networks to reach your potential customers.

  • Branding With Results

    Track your promotional campaigns and leads

    Check your share counts instantly and avail advantage of affiliate marketing by generating online as well as offline sales.

  • Money Making

    Redirect buyers to your online store

    Acquire new customers, increase audience reach, sell more to existing buyers, and get most of your ad spend.

How ADCHEETAH works?

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